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17 Nov 2017

Following on from yesterday’s press conference wherein it was confirmed that there will now be three housing developments. They will provide approximately 1,600 affordable homes. The first is Sir Joshua Hassan Centenary Terraces which will be located on the East Side. Completion is expected by February 2020. The second will be Bob Peliza Mews which will now be located at Water port where the power station is currently placed. Completion for this is expected by March 2021. The third will be on Europort Avenue. This will house around 400 people. Completion for this is expected between June and December 2021.

The full press release can be found on: https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/new/sites/default/files/press/2017/Press%20Releases/567-2017.pdf .

Each applicant will have to complete a questionnaire which can be found at: https://www.gibraltar.gov.gi/new/sites/default/files/press/2017/Press%20Releases/567.1-2017%20-%20Expression%20of%20Interest%20Questionnaire.pdf.

Our conveyancing team is ready and able to represent our clientele in the purchase of their new property and is now assisting clients with the preparation of the Government’s Questionnaire as an expression of interest in the purchase of a new affordable property. All work will be carried out by qualified lawyers. This is an exclusive opportunity to register your interest and engaging us to act on your behalf in the purchase of your future home. We are offering a free 30 minute consultation to discuss the process and assist in the completion of the Government’s Questionnaire.

To do so, please contact us.

Dustin Joyce: dj@attlev.gi

Sunil Chandiramani: sgc@attlev.gi

Exciting times to come!